Friday, May 27, 2011

Riceville Cemetery

Riceville Cemetery in south west Houston. I learned about this place in the dead of night. So being the nerd I am I immediately drove over and took out my camera. Upon walking in the gate all there was was me, a full moon, and a howling wind the only sound. I felt like I was in one of the Phantasm movies and at any moment the Tall Man would come for me. It's an erie experience standing in a graveyard, under a full moon, and the only sound the howling wind.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Trip Back in Time Courtesy of Color Photographs

We've all seen photographs from way back when. Most of them are in black and white. While we certainly appreciate the window into the past it was only a glancing look because because we are only allowed to see the past through limited shades of gray. Since the 1860s photographers were looking for ways to color their prints. No image could compare to the human eye. Around the 1930s color photography began to really take off. I found an article that brings us depression era (1940s) photographs in full color. Look at each picture in full color and get what amounts to a window taking you back 70 years ago. I look at these people and feel as if I could reach out and touch them. Put yourself in these photographs. Could you live in these times without internet, modern comforts, having to get up early and work late for your supper with little respite? In reality you'd have no choice. Click here for the full article with captions for these photographs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Melanie Philpott 1978-2011

Bloggers are an odd bunch. What would possess someone to put their lives, their thoughts, their feelings, their deepest secrets out there for the whole world to read? Sounds insane doesn't it? How about someone who participates in a blog-inspired institution known as HNT? Since it takes a special kind of insanity to want to blog it's only natural that bloggers meet other bloggers through cyberspace and often make a connection just as strong as a chance meeting in a bar. These cyberspace based relationships are just as powerful as the traditional face to face relationships with all the included drama, bonding, anxiety, hate, friendship, and sometimes even love. I "met" Melanie (aka Stealth) years ago through her blog. Obviously my first reaction was how beautiful she is. Being a red blooded man I couldn't help but notice how sexy as well and the HNT posts every week proved it. While I read her blog she read mine and that's how the friendship started. When my marriage crumbled we were able to compare notes and have a conversation that made me feel better about the future. I understand she had a hard time and wandered around a bit. She would call me and tell me a few things. One night she called to tell me she was dying. It broke my heart to hear what had happened. Sadly I couldn't have been much help. Over time things seemed to be improving. She was engaged to be married and she had a job. I hadn't heard from her in months until I got the news yesterday. My heart sank. I will miss that spunky wit, that creative spirit, and her sweet voice. Rest in Peace Melanie and may you be a guardian angel to your precious children!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Night Out (2)

We finished our evening at Sherlock's Baker St. Pub. TX imitation of an English pub. Regardless of where we went the wonderful company made the night memorable. Although I did add drinking in a pub in Britain to my bucket list.

A Night Out

My old friend and her husband stopped by for one last evening before they head back to California. I'm amazed how life works itself out in its own little ways. Until this month it had been 10 years since I had seen her. We caught up and I learned a lot of things about our moments back in the day. On our final night together until who knows when we wanted Mediterranean. So we found the nearest Fadi's. None of us had been there and figuring out how to order was like Helen Keller changing out spark plugs.

The geek in me had to stop in this hallway leading to the restrooms to look at the paintings.

The restrooms were nice and clean.

We closed our dining experience with a shot Turkish coffee. It looks like motor oil sure. Yet I found it yummy and strong although it may buzz up your amateur coffee drinker but not this hardened veteran.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nestle Cafe

A few blocks from the Voodoo Lounge and around the corner is a Nestle Cafe. Nothing says indulgence than following the chocolate scent to this location and grabbing a mocha.

The Voodoo Lounge

Last Halloween I stumbled onto this bar. That night I didn't have my camera with me. I spent a Friday evening in Galveston and had to go check this place out again. The 'dress code' notice wasn't there last time however I can't say I disagree. I wonder if the hoodlums feel unwelcome. Who cares! Anyhow I rather like the decor of this place. It's not the typical bar with a dance floor the size of some one's bed room. There are two make out rooms which is great if you're with someone. Although as I was taking the picture I was standing in front of the TV blocking the view of the solo woman sitting on the couch. Oops! For the solo person there are two bar spaces just to sit and drink and if it's too loud then they can go outside and find a spot on the patio and just relax.