Monday, March 25, 2013

The Crowds of Costco

My fiancé had a good idea when she suggested we buy a Costco membership. I'm impressed with the bargains we find. Typically we go during the week however one Sunday afternoon we felt the urge to stop in for some groceries. I was rather surprised by crowd.

We love the samples! They make great snacks to hold one over.

This sample was very yummy. Sadly I couldn't taste any alcohol.

This is the checkout.

Did you know they haven't changed the price of their hot dogs in over 20 years? I think we shall stick to weekday shopping at Costco!

Scenes From Giza

They say that in life it's not the things you've done you regret. It is the things you haven't done. The chances you didn't take. Clearly Russian photographer Vitaliy Raskallv plans on living a life with no regrets. Here he, along with some friends, traveled to the ancient Egyptian pyramids and snuck to the top risking a prison sentence had they been caught. Mr. Raskalov managed to shoot these amazing pictures that capture a view of Giza many of us never see.

While I don't condone trespassing to get a good shot I do give him credit for taking a chance and snapping some amazing pictures.