Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whata-Aggravating Wait For Food

Every Sunday we stop into a local Whataburger for about half an hour for breakfast while working. Today we arrived and were surprised at the crowd. Typically there are only a few people on a Sunday morning. We placed our orders as an aggravated woman stood shaking in place demanding her food of a refund. She said she had been waiting 20 minutes. We thought nothing else of it. At least until 20 minutes later when about a dozen other people had come in from outside demanding their food or a refund. It was nearly time for us to return to our posts yet we haven't received our food yet. Usually we're done eating by now. We asked to get ours to go when a man came in and said "9:45 for just a biscuit (it was then 10:25!)" The staff didn't seem to be in a big hurry to appease the angry customers and instead kept taking orders from people not knowing they were in for a wait. Finally we got ours to go and hurried back to work. I sure hope they resolved it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Frank's Restaurant in Schulenburg, TX

Anyone who has travelled along IH-10 knows about Frank's Restaurant in Schulenburg, TX. It sits off Exit 77 along IH-10 between Houston and San Antonio as it has since 1970. Frank's was founded in 1929 and is still run by the same family. For 83 years thousands of road trippers have stopped in for the country cooking and a restroom break. I remember stopping here with my grandparents on a road trip as a kid. I remember another time stopping with my mom, grandparents, and ex wife on a road trip. Most recently I was coming back into town with my girlfriend who has only been in Texas a year. We were looking for a place to stop and eat when I saw the sign off the road and remembered Frank's. I had to almost dart across the freeway to make the exit. I enjoyed my fried chicken and she had their chicken fried steak which wasn't the best but not the worst. What was yummy was the coffee we got for the road. It made the rest of the journey worthwhile. While inside I snapped some pictures using a vintage filter to capture a nostalgic moment.

Frank's Restaurant Today

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Halloween Store

I love Halloween! It's a time of creativity. It's a brief time we can choose to be someone or something else. People shed their skins and don another and celebrate a part of life often overlooked. The creative side that releases stress, anxiety, and pain that often overshadows the bright side of life. Now that time is here so I have to visit the Halloween stores looking for costume and decoration ideas. Look at some of the macabre creativity I found.

I love Halloween!

A Couple of Hours at the Driver License Office

We got up early, showered, and got our coffee to go. Yet we were still late. The plan was to arrive early at the driver's license office but as with all plans it didn't go accordingly. By the time we arrived the parking lot was full leaving people coming in having to hover and swoop once someone left. We waited patiently for one spot but some jerk in a compact slipped in from the opposite side. After a few curses we got lucky on the next row. For the next two hours we tried to figure out DPS' method of madness. It seemed people that arrived after us we're getting served before. We finally got our twenty minutes of courteous service after two hours of waiting.