Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Foggy Road Ahead

I was driving up Hwy 288 back home early one foggy morning. Driving a long stretch of road gives one time to think. It was the last two days of 2011 and that gave me more to think about. 2011 continued what I consider a bounce back from the most difficult transitions of my life. It marked two years since the end of my marriage. 2011 also brought another hit. I found myself making less money and sent to working graveyard shift rather unceremoniously while friends of mine lost their jobs through rather shady means. Back in March I was ready to write off 2011 as a lousy year and I'd spend the rest of the time just struggling and rolling with the punches. I had gone out on several dates while still learning the single life. Then come November I met someone and quickly learned we are great for each other. As with driving up this foggy road I cannot see what lies ahead yet as I keep on moving the road becomes more visible little by little. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frenchy's Update

In a previous post I took you to the ruins of Frenchy's the alleged drug/prostitution joint hidden in the woods of Brazoria County (where customers were greeted at a guard shack). It has now been torn down. Now only ghosts of vices past remain.

Location:Brazoria County, TX