Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinner With Lisa

It was a pleasant evening. Lisa and I had been there awhile catching up. I can't remember how I got there or how long. I can't remember the conversation neither. I just remember we enjoyed our meal and having a drink and a pleasant chat. I hadn't seen her in many years. She looked the same with curly, blonde hair, and deep, soulful eyes.

Then the reality hit me. Lisa was murdered 15 years ago. I said aloud to her "oh my God you've been dead for 15 years!". She merely said yes still holding her glass. When she was alive we weren't close yet I miss her at times. I remembered crying then going to a bar when I heard the news. I realized I was dreaming. I can't remember what I said next. I probably told her what I just told you. At the end we stood up to go. She refused to let me pay for dinner. I kissed her goodbye. I knew I was about to wake up to my life and she was going back to Heaven. Then I woke up.

Lisa, we still miss you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skies Over Monnaville

Ever hear of Monnaville, TX? That's okay not many have. It's rural Texas. I went out shooting. After about three hours I noticed the sun setting.

A distant thunder cloud.

Same picture just darkened.

The sun setting.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Finished Product

The start up! The eyes on the skull gate light up!

Not bad if I may say so!

The Halloween Store

I love Halloween. Who doesn't? This day presented a choice. Go to the grocery store or go to the Halloween store and get stuff for my front yard. Well the small muse in me won out and off I went.

We shook hands!

This is pretty cool!

I should've bought this and put it in the meat section at Krogers.

Ready to check out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghosts of the Vatican

In the early 1990s Houston was crawling with underground music venues. About 20 years ago I learned of a place at 5913 Washington Ave in Houston, TX, called the Vatican. Before a music venue this was a movie theater. I was intrigued and wanted to explore Houston's underground music scene. Okay that's not true! I got invited by a girl and I wanted to see her. Back then I drove a 1986 pick up truck with no air conditioning so the drive into Houston wasn't the most comfortable. I remember most of that night. I even remember the band was called Sinister Sirens. I found my friend, tried to kiss her and got shot down but that's another story.

I never went back to the Vatican. It became the Abyss and I went there several times during my 20s. I saw many local and national bands there. I spent many a night there drinking, taking pictures, and running around mosh pits. I remember the crowd of a couple hundred people drinking, moshing, and enjoying life.

One night last month I found myself on Washington. It has changed a lot over the years. Twenty years ago Washington Ave. was stacked with dive joints. Now it's become a trendy, upscale night spot. All of the dive joints are gone. I stopped my car in front of 5913. Now it's some company.

Where people used to look for parking. One night when GWAR played there was a line of ticket holders lined up here. I walked up (with no ticket) and was told to go in and pay the admission fee. I still don't know how I lucked out. I wonder how upset those people were.

Luminescent paint advertising bands like Nirvana, Phish, and Nine Inch Nails that played here adorned the walls. Hundreds of young people slammed, flew, crashed, and were picked up off the floors. Millions of dramatic tales played out on these floors. Thousands of drums thundered, guitars screamed, and singers wailed. I can still see the ghosts here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Went Outside

I went outside this morning. I saw how beautiful it was so I made coffee and sat on my patio for an hour. For that hour I wasn't under any stress. I was at peace with everything and all the ills of the world seemed so far away. For now it was just me and serenity. It was a shame to come back inside. Because tonight it's back to the grind.