Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gilmore's Florist & Gifts

Since 1937, Gilmore's Florist & Gifts has provided awesome floral arrangements for any occasion based out of Conroe, Texas. I remember as a kid going up there to visit my aunt and cousins who showed us the nursery nestled in the woods on the property behind the store. Sadly I only remember bits and pieces of exploring the forest, walking through the nursery, and family get togethers. Over time my only encounter with the store was in passing while driving to and from college. It wasn't until this year that stepped foot in the store in many years while planning my wedding. There was never any doubt to use my family's business (who did an outstanding job by the way). I tried to bring up memories upon seeing the store for the first time in years but alas I couldn't. Instead I took some pictures to share.

Since 1937

Now I don't know if this register was actually used here or a prop.

For anyone in the Conroe area who needs a floral arrangements allow me to plug Gilmore's Florist!

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